Foundation problems can be the bane of any building owner’s existence. Other than a fire, foundation problems can be one of the worst things to happen to a residential structure. One of the biggest sources of foundation problems is water damage. The foundation is literally the support for your entire home. All damage types should be taken very seriously and repaired as quickly as possible. Water is the most damaging element, and can cause the foundation to sink. When the foundation sinks, the rest of the house becomes warped or damaged. Waterproofing Concrete Foundations

Keep the Area Under Your Home Clean and Dry

Keeping the foundation dry is one of the most important things you can do in maintaining and protecting your home’s integrity. In addition to possible structural damage, water getting into basements and crawl spaces can create a perfect breeding ground for mold and make the space unpleasant and potentially unhealthy.

Concrete is Porous – Not Waterproof

Unfortunately, typical concrete is one of the most commonly used foundation materials, and it is not waterproof. Undamaged, new concrete will typically keep liquid water out, but water vapor has much less problem penetrating concrete and causing issues. The best way to insure that your home stays water-safe is to keep water drained away from concrete foundations. Drains to move water away from the bottom of the foundation are the first step in successful waterproofing. Secondly, you’ll want a wall treatment to prevent moisture from moving through the walls. This will allow the water to run down and into the drains, which move them away from the structure. The third important step in preventing water problems with your foundation is ground surface treatments. Waterproofing and sealing for concrete can not only prevent damage to your property and belongings, but extend the life of your foundation as well. Many membranes and different technologies are available for both above and below grade waterproofing applications. Sustainable Planet Painting offers saline, silicone, and acrylic waterproofing techniques and will work with you to choose the best option for your concrete surfaces. We provide concrete protection services such as:
  • Decorative Stone, Masonry, and Brick Sealing – Masonry is very susceptible to water damage because it is porous. Sealing all of your masonry prevents water from entering it and creating cracks or other damage.
  • Concrete Sealing – Concrete is porous and must be protected in order to maintain its beauty and longevity.
  • Concrete Staining – Concrete doesn’t have to be the natural gray color that you most often see. Many options are available to stain and stamp concrete to mimic nearly any other substance. You may choose to stain your concrete nearly any color or design before sealing it to protect it from the elements.