Fireplace & Chimney Your fireplace offers cozy warmth to heat your home in winter, but did you realize that it could also be very dangerous to your home and family? Cracked linings and deteriorating mortar are common problems that can lead to health and fire hazards. These problems may be hidden from your casual glance, but a thorough inspection will reveal any fireplace or chimney issues quickly. That's why annual chimney inspections are so important. With prompt repair, you can get your fireplace back in great working order and enjoy it safely for years to come!
First, inspect! An inspection is a simple, noninvasive visual assessment of the key elements of your fireplace and chimney. We will check for cracks, deterioration, or other problems with the chimney and fireplace such as the brick, mortar, and flashing as well as the firebox and damper areas. If problems are detected, it is important to have them addressed promptly. Issues involving cracks, mortar, and weather-based damage will get worse the longer they are left uncorrected.
Chimney Repair Cracks, leaks, and other problems can lead to house fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and potentially dangerous situations, so it's important to follow up your chimney inspection with all necessary repairs. Chimney repair is always a job for professionals, so be sure to call us before you start any work repointing or repairing your fireplace or chimney on your own. Something simple like a brick repointing can get wildly out of hand if you don’t know what you are doing.
Repointing and Brickwork Repair If the mortar in your chimney is eroding, it needs to be repointed. The mortar is essentially the glue holding the bricks in place, so if it begins to deteriorate, the bricks are no longer solidly held together--your chimney may crumble or collapse! Repointing ensures that the bricks remain in place and your chimney's structure stays sturdy. Missing or broken bricks should also be replaced to keep it looking and working great. Mortar repointing and brick repair not only address aesthetic issues, but they can also resolve chimney leaks and prevent deterioration. If your fireplace is damaged, it's also important to have it repaired immediately. While many fireplace repair issues are simply aesthetic, you don't want to take any chances! Structural and other safety risks are possible with a damaged fireplace, so be sure to have us inspect and perform any repairs to your fireplace as well as your chimney. For safe fireplace function, have an annual fireplace and chimney inspection. By following through with all recommended repairs, you can rest easy knowing that your fireplace and chimney pose no danger to your home or your family! Call us now to have your chimney and fireplace inspected at 215-342-0397 or email us by clicking here, and let us get your fireplace back to working order quickly and safely.