Retaining walls are functional as much as they are decorative. A retaining wall offers many benefits to your home’s exterior. For example, they hold back unstable soil and prevent the ground from washing away. Retaining Walls Retaining walls made of concrete and stone are quite sturdy and long lasting. They are strong enough to withstand storms, flooding and major ground movements. In addition to the structural advantages, retaining walls are important for leveling off your property. If you have a steep hillside, it can be difficult to plant gardens and shrubs going down a grade. A retaining wall provides additional gardening space to your landscape. And by increasing level areas for gardening and built-in seating, retaining walls enhance the beauty of your landscape. When considering retaining walls for your yard, one of the main questions is whether you will build these structures yourself, or if you want to hire somebody else to do it for you. Building your own garden walls can be a fulfilling and rewarding task, but it is a complete job that requires proper knowledge, specialized skills and the right tools. Therefore, we think it’s best to consult the professionals at Oehler Masonry. Bill and his team have the extensive knowledge of geography, materials and any building code regulations you need to make sure you project is done on time and on budget. Hardscaping isn’t an easy job. The work involves hours, days or even months of back-breaking labor. That’s why choosing the right professional masonry company is important to ensure that your work will be done efficiently. Contact Bill now to discuss your project in more detail. That way, you have all the information you need to make sure your project is perfect! Call us now at 215-342-0397 or contact us through the website by clicking here.