Brick Driveways & WalkwaysThe decision to hardscape all or part of your property may be a difficult one to make. Hardscaping removes the requirement to mow the area, but does not take away from the natural beauty. In fact, we believe it has the potential to add an entirely new level of beauty to your home or office. We look forward to hearing your hardscaping ideas and creating the outdoor landscape you want. Hardscaping Ideas Enhance the beauty of your existing garden or lawn by adding a path with benches, or a relaxing sitting area.
  • Patio: The traditional poured concrete patio is becoming a thing of the past. Spruce up your patio ideas with paving stones, blocks, and natural stone. Create a burn pit for late night fires or install a hot tub for the ultimate in relaxation.
  • Outdoor Cooking Area: Outdoor entertainment options are nearly endless. Outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular with each passing summer. Many people prefer to cook over an open fire when weather permits.
  • Water Features: Ponds and fountains are very popular hardscaping options. They add a peaceful ambiance and bring life to the area.
  • Garden Area: Multi-tier gardens are a snap with hardscaping. Create separate garden areas for a variety of different plant types, and enjoy gorgeous blooms and color throughout the year.
  • Pathway: Install a pathway through or around your existing gardens. Include a nice quiet sitting area with a small pond for koi or goldfish.
Hardscaping Materials The materials you choose to hardscape with will depend greatly on the amount of money in your budget and your personal tastes. Some people prefer simple wooden structures while others want intricate block or stone designs.
  • Wood: Always use pressure treated wood when building outdoor structures. The elements wreak havoc on untreated wood and it rots much more quickly. Painted wood must be repainted when it becomes unsightly, sometimes once per year depending on weather patterns.
  • Concrete Block or Brick: Concrete stands the test of time and is very easily cleaned. It requires very little maintenance other than pressure washing once per year.
  • Paving Stones: Available in a variety of colors and designs, paving stones are a great way to hardscape your property. You may choose your colors and shapes based on current surroundings, or create something new entirely.
  • Natural Rock: This is quite possibly the most widely available resource for hardscaping projects. Natural rock is available virtually everywhere, and isn’t that expensive if you are looking to purchase flagstone or other decorative styles of natural stone.
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